Nerve Support Formula Review: Does This Supplement Actually Help Support Healthy Nerves?

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Neuropathy (also known as nerve pain) is often caused by vitamin deficiency. Since, you cannot get enough vitamins and the right ones from food, supplements are your next best option.

This is why we are here to discuss about Nerve Support Formula, which is a neuropathy supplement brought to you by Real Health Products.

After reading up about this product online, I decided to give it a try. My expectations weren’t that high because when I visited Real Health Product’s website, I came across dozens of positive reviews.

While some of them talked about the efficacy of the product, others were about customer service. The one good thing I found was that the reviews were from first party sources, which lent a bit of credibility to the company and the product.

This review covers all the pertinent information on Nerve Support Formula that you are looking for.

Unlike other manufacturers who are selling neuropathy supplements and making claims about their products, I found the Nerve Support Formula has none. The product is all about building healthy nerves and nothing more.

In this review, I will start with the history of the product. I will cover the ingredients, as well as how they benefit nerve health. To provide you with proof, I will list down some customer complaints and reviews.

I am even mentioning the recommended dosage, so that you know how and when to take it. Finally, I will tell you my personal opinion about it. You can then make your decision whether this product is worth buying or not.

What Is Nerve Support Formula?

Nerve Support Formula is a neuropathy supplement with the majority of the key ingredients being B Vitamins.

Nerve Support Formula 120 capsule bottle

It supports nerve health by providing relief from neuropathy pain. Real Health Products claims that since this supplement comprises of B Vitamins mainly, it works better than other neuropathy formulas that have herbs in their formula.

About the Company

Real Health product was found in 2002 and is based in California. The company’s aim is to provide people with supplements for healthy living. Every product offered by this company contains ingredients that are backed by clinical research.

In fact, they pride themselves on providing customers with quality products that have been well-tested to make sure that there are no severe side effects.

After much thought and reflecting upon the one nutrient that is needed in daily life, they created a line of supplements that provide people with the necessary Vitamins. This line of products targets everything from nerve health to pain relief, cholesterol, joint support and much more.

All supplements manufactured by Real Health Products follow the Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP), which have been set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Nerve Support Formula was their pilot product, which gave me some peace of mind that this is a legit company. After all, it was probably because of the it's success that they were able to launch more new supplements.

How Does Nerve Support Formula Work?

According to the research posted on Real Health product’s website, the main reason behind nerve damage is deficiency of B Vitamins.

Nerve Pain in arm illustration

The supplement provides the necessary B Vitamins and then some that help repair damaged nerves.

  • Soothes tingling and prevents numbness in the toes, hands, fingers, arms, legs and feet
  • Provides relief from pain
  • Helps you maintain balance and coordination

Benfotiamine is a special type of Vitamin B1 that is fat-soluble. This vitamin increases the blood flow levels in the body, which supports the nervous system, as well as the nerves. Vitamin B12 maintains the nerve cells for efficient neurotransmitter signaling.

Finally, Vitamin B2 improves circulation, which supports healthy nerve health. This vitamin helps other B Vitamins and folic acid to do their job properly. These key ingredients are what make this formula unique


The supplement works best when taken with meals. Adults can take 2 capsules every day: one at breakfast and one at dinner. Do not take it with alcohol or carbonate drinks.

Nerve Support Formula Ingredients

Ingredients in Nerve Support Formula by RHP Real Health Products

The key ingredients are mostly B Vitamins. All of them have one function: provide nerve support and repair damaged nerves for proper blood flow and transmission of nerve cells.

  • Benfotiamine (Vitamin B1)
  • Methylcobalamin (Methyl B12 – A different kind of Vitamin B 12)
  • Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)
  • Folic Acid
  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin B6
  • Dicalcium Phosphate
  • Microcrystalline Cellulose
  • Magnesium Stearate
  • Silicon Dioxide


  • Enhances regeneration of nerves
  • Promotes blood flow
  • Protects from nerve damage
  • Reduces inflammation from neuropathy
  • Boosts mineral absorption
  • Reduces numbness and tingling
  • Calms burning sensations

Nerve Support Formula Side Effects

B Vitamins rarely cause side effects. However, too much of B Vitamins can lead to gas and indigestion. In severe cases, side effects include diarrhea, increase in urine and stomach upset. Lucky for us, no one has yet reported about any of these side effects.

Nerve Support Formula Reviews & Complaints

People who purchased from Real Health Product’s official website had great things to say about the product. Many of the accounts were in great detail where customers talked about how fast they achieved relief from pain and how good the company was with maintaining an open line of communication. There were a few negative comments on third party sources such as Amazon but they were completely vague.

The majority of the customers complained that it didn’t work at all. Oddly, there was no talk about side effects but a few jabs were made at Real Health Products.

Patrick complained they were taking too much money on the basis that Nerve Support Formula contains many vital vitamins. He claimed that the supplement didn’t do anything for his pain and his purchase was a complete waste of money. He also accused the company of fooling people with this supplement.

Susan purchased more than one bottle of Nerve Support Formula for her husband but after finishing both of them; there was still no change in his nerve pain. She felt really disappointed that the product didn’t work even after she spent more than she should have on the supplement.

Ray complained that after using Nerve Support Formula, he didn’t feel any difference in his pain level.

Cathy bought Nerve Support Formula only because she had heard a lot about B-Vitamins help with neuropathy pain. After a few days of taking it, the nerve pain in her legs was greatly reduced. She claimed that because of this supplement, she was finally able to sleep peacefully at night. She even said that she would buy the product again.

Rilly‘s review was posted on Real Health Product’s website. He said Nerve Support Formula worked quite well for him and that it was all because of the company.

Willem simply wrote that Nerve Support Formula changed his life and that it is an excellent product.

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  • No herbal ingredients, which is a good thing because most people are allergic to homeopathic supplements
  • No complains about side effects so far
  • Less chance of getting any side effects because it contains just B Vitamins
  • The first neuropathy supplement by Real Heath Products and is doing pretty well
  • Research regarding the efficacy of the ingredients posted on the product’s official website


  • Too many positive reviews on Real Health Product’s website and most of them are on the company rather than the product
  • No claims about “Money Back Guarantee”
  • Statements made by the website or not backed by FDA

Where to Buy Nerve Support Formula

You can buy Nerve Support Formula from Real Health Product’s website. A single bottle is for $44.20. If you are buying this supplement for this time, you will get a discount on your purchase.

There’s another option that you can choose: Auto-Ship. This will give you a 15% discount on your purchase. On the first 4 plans, price of one bottle will be $37.57. You can choose any one of the below 5 plans:

  1. Monthly (Every 30 days)
  2. Bi-Monthly (Every 60 days)
  3. Quarterly (Every 90 days)
  4. Every 4 Months (Every 120 days)
  5. One-Time Purchase

Information regarding the “Money Back Guarantee” on Nerve Support Formula is not written on the website. I searched everywhere and couldn’t find anything regarding this usual claim. Even the reviews don’t mention anything about it. Some websites say that Real Health Products Offer 100% money back within 30 days and others say 90 days. This is what made me suspicious about the product and I decided to make a call based on my judgment.

Should You Try Nerve Support Formula?

Looking at the facts and the information I gathered, I feel that Nerve Support Formula is not worth a try. There are other neuropathy supplements in the market that contain better ingredients.

Moreover, when I didn’t find the words “Money Back Guarantee” written on the website, I felt that the product isn't the best on the market. Yes, there are several links to studies listed on the website but the reviews are a little bit suspicious. So no, I wouldn’t recommend this product.

Instead, we recommend checking out a product called Nerve Renew, which comes wit a 365 day money back guarantee and has many positive reviews online.

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