Is Nerve Renew A Scam? Here’s Why It Is the Real Deal

In 2010, Wes Jones—himself a sufferer of diabetic neuropathy, and an already-successful entrepreneur—founded the company which is now known as the Neuropathy Treatment Group.

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This information is publicly available, through the NTG’s website and its Better Business Bureau profile. Membership with the Better Business Bureau dates to the summer of 2011, and has been maintained at an A- level since that time.

Contact information for the NTG, including a phone number and an address, is prominently displayed. Customers who have questions or complaints about Nerve Renew can call the NTG, and receive phone support from a courteous, professional, and informative staff.

The NTG is Not a Fly-By-Night Company

The Neuropathy Treatment Group (NTG0 has undergone a product rebranding one time during the course of its existence. The change was undertaken, not to present the appearance of a new company, but to improve its recognition. Previously, brand names were generic, and were difficult to market.

Life Renew is the company behind Neuropathy Treatment Group website

They failed to reach a large enough audience to keep the company profitable long-term, or to make a serious difference in the increasing frequency of untreated neuropathy in today’s world.

The rebranding was successful, and it achieved its intended goal. Rather than reducing the attention placed on the company, it increased it. This kind of marketing maneuver is common among new and growing companies, as they adapted to better suit the needs of their target audience.

Today, the supplement is provided to customers around the world, and in all fifty states. The company is working on making their product still more widely available, through working out arrangements with distributors in additional countries.

Nerve Renew Neuropathy Support Formula Is A Product That Works

The supplement formula combines a wide variety of ingredients, with one thing in common: they work to support the nervous system. They are particularly effective in individuals who are experiencing one of a number of common conditions which can cause nervous system damage, as opposed to simply fighting nutritional deficiency.

Ingredients Are Backed With Studies

Some of the ingredients, particularly the active ingredients, work primarily by providing support directly to the nervous system itself. Other ingredients provide general support to other systems within the body, such as the immune and venous systems. This helps to get vital nutrients to where they need to go.

Helps Support Healthy Nerves

Nerve Renew combats tissue-damaging free radicals, reduces swelling, and promotes a calm and less scattered frame of mind. Its clinically demonstrated anti-anxiety and mild sedative qualities have in turn been repeatedly upheld as being beneficial to the body’s ability to manage physical pain signals, reducing misfires and false firing due to nerve damage.

High Success Rate

It's is a product that works—not all the time, not for everybody, but it works. It maintains a high rate of success in reducing or eliminating a wide range of neuropathy symptoms, including pain and numbness. A great deal of development went into the development and refining of its formula, which combines traditional, homeopathic, and modern medicine to optimal effect.

The supplement treats nerve pain management with a three-pronged approach: it supports the nervous system directly, it supports other systems to give it an indirect boost, and it supports pain management within the brain.

Excellent Customer Service from a Professionally-Managed Organization

The product is backed by more than Better Business Bureau accreditation, a free two-week trial, or a 365-day money-back guarantee—not that they don’t help!

It is also supported by an expertly trained and experienced staff of administrative professionals. Employees of the Neuropathy Treatment Group respond to print mail, email, and phone calls. They are active on social media: the NTG’s Facebook profile has more than eighty thousand followers.

The company maintains long office hours: their Boise, Idaho headquarters takes calls from 7 AM to 6 PM Mountain Standard, Monday through Saturday. Emails will also be answered during this period, with the NDT priding itself on replying to emails as quickly as possible.

The Neuropathy Treatment Group’s public pledge to its customers is that they will “read every comment, and answer every question,” in their efforts to address any existing concerns. To date, more than 170,000 grateful customers have left nearly 160 pages of positive testimony, some of which address the courteousness and professionalism of the company’s staff.

Is It Right For You?

If you or someone you love suffers from chronic nerve pain, you’ve literally got nothing to lose. Take advantage of the Neuropathy Treatment Group’s free trial today, and say goodbye to numbness, nerve pain, and those endless sleepless nights. Read our review of Nerve Renew to learn more about it.