Customer Reviews for Nerve Renew: Here’s What They Have To Say

Amidst much ongoing uncertainty in the face of a product that is seemingly capable of doing what modern medicine frequently cannot, there are many reviews available online for Nerve Renew. What sets this testimony apart from many other forms of online customer reviews is a combination of factors.

First, quantity: there are hundreds, if not thousands of glowing reviews available regarding the beneficial effects of this clinically proven supplement. This is further bolstered by authenticity: hundreds of individual reviews are available online with the full names and locations of the people who left them.

The following individuals expressly consented to share their information publicly, in the hopes of spreading awareness for a product which has profoundly changed their lives, or else the lives of their loved ones.

Maureen Puddle in North Canterbury, New Zealand

“My mother’s quality of life has been restored!”

A satisfied customer of Nerve Renew provides her reviews.

The Neuropathy Support Formula has helped sufferers of chronic nerve pain all over the world, as shown by Maureen in New Zealand. Maureen’s 92-year-old mother suffered from constant, burning nerve pain after years of diabetic neuropathy.

Between the pain, and the side effects of her medication, she was unable to find relief. After Maureen ordered the product for her mother, there was relief in less than two weeks.

Today, Maureen’s mother—despite the advanced stage of her diabetes—has experienced significant relief, and is happier than she has been in years. She is once again able to sleep, and to have regular conversations with her family over the phone. Her recovery is so remarkable, in fact, that her doctor has also expressed interest in learning more about Nerve Renew.

Rita Deren in Santa Rosa, California

“Your product has brought me closer to normal.”

Although it is unusual, it is not unheard-of for a person to develop peripheral neuropathy as a side-effect of some other medication. For Rita Deren, that drug was Remicade, which she took in the form of a chemotherapy infusion to help treat her psoriatic arthritis. After a series of infections in her hands, Rita was unable to continue with her medical regimen, which led to three years of suffering and chronic pain.

Since discovering NR, Rita has returned to “almost normal” within her first few months. Her chronic pain is almost entirely gone, and her immune system function has recovered substantially from the blow delivered by her medication.

Margo Ray (Mrs. John Ray) in Estill Springs, Tennessee

“I thank God, and the Neuropathy Treatment Group, for saving my dear husband.”

Margo is the daughter of a physician, with more than four decades’ worth of her own experience in the medical field. She is also the wife of a man who survived two separate bouts with cancer, without so much as taking a temporary leave of absence from his job. John Ray is a stoic and private man, who doesn’t put a lot of stock in complaining.

John Ray’s neuropathy was nonetheless able to gradually erode at his quality of life. The constant pain grew progressively worse, and—to Margo’s trained eye—all of the doctors and specialists whom John went to see seemed relatively unconcerned. According to Margo, they didn’t seem to understand the extent to which John’s neuropathy was hindering his ability to function.

After one particularly difficult night, in which John was unable to sleep—he sought relief by walking barefoot on the cold floor of their basement—Margo had had enough. She started researching alternative treatments online, and kept coming across ads and information about the supplement. She saw the negative reviews, but on reviewing the product herself, it made sense to her from a medical perspective. As Margo puts it, “It's is not some off-the-wall treatment.”

When Margo wrote her review, her husband had been on a regular regimen for a little more than three weeks. He was, for the first time in years, virtually free of symptoms, a result which John had not experienced from any of the previous therapies he had taken.

Samson Hernandez in Pearce, Arizona

“No side-effects—except sounder sleep, and calmer nerves.”

Like many other patients who present with chronic nerve pain, Samson Hernandez was told by several medical professionals that he would simply have to live with his condition. Having suffered with severe nerve scarring in his back since the age of 13, the now 53-year-old Samson was tired of it. Despite that, he was still wary of the formula, having been taken by a wide range of natural herbal remedies in the past. His first reaction was decidedly negative, but the free trial coaxed him into giving it a try anyway.

After two weeks on the formula, Samson reported that his pain has virtually disappeared. Years’ worth of anti-depressants and pain-killing narcotics failed to achieve this result over a much longer time period. Samson is now a regular subscriber, who continues to order the product.


Nerve Renew (Neuropathy Support Formula) is not a typical medical drug. It uses all-natural ingredients, combining simple, frequently-deficient vitamins and nutrients with organic herbal supplements. The ingredients are carefully chosen for their specific area of effect, but this formula is not intended to take the place of modern medical procedure or expertise.

Consult with your doctor before starting any herbal supplement—then, by all means, give it a try. With a free two-week trial, and a subsequent one-year money-back guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose but your pain. Learn more about the product in our review.