Why Do People Complain About Nerve Renew?

When a product comes into the marketplace that promises to alleviate the symptoms of a painful condition, there is often reluctance to accept that it can live up to its claims. This is further exacerbated when the product includes assertions like “all-natural” and “organic.”

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Many people look for this sort of description when purchasing a supplement, but many others have been fooled by the common ideology that anything “all-natural” is charlatanism—fake, phony, or otherwise illegitimate.

This is flatly untrue—many modern medicines are derived from plant products—but the idea does cause people to look a little more critically than they otherwise might at the product’s effectiveness, as well as at the policies of its producer.

Complaint #1: “It did not relieve my symptoms.”

Some customers have reported that the supplement did not relieve the pain, numbness, or other discomforts which are frequently associated with peripheral neuropathy.

Response: The product is designed to treat nerve pain by providing support to the nervous system, and to related systems of the body.

It is also intended to help with focus, calmness, and mental clarity, each of which has been clinically demonstrated to physiologically benefit the body’s built-in methods for pain management.

It does not work miracles, however: if the cause of nerve pain is too pervasive, or is based on other factors, Neuropathy Support Formula may have reduced to little effect. This is not common, but there are individuals who experience no benefit from Nerve Renew.

Given the hundreds of reviews of Nerve Renew received from individuals who did benefit from it, the minority who have not benefited do not serve to invalidate the product.

It is understandable that people would be frustrated, of course: many individuals try it after a more typical medicinal approach has failed them. That, in itself, shows that there is no such thing as a magical solution, which works for everybody 100% of the time.

Complaint #2: “It made my pain worse.”

A few individuals have stated that their pain and other symptoms of diabetic neuropathy became worse after they tried Nerve Renew.

Response: Nerve Renew is formulated from ingredients which have been proven through clinical trial to assist with the growth, protection, regeneration, and maintenance of the nervous system. The list of active ingredients, in particular, consists of vitamins which are actually essential for our vital processes: without them, life could not exist, and they are specifically involved in strengthening the nervous system.

It is possible that some individuals might have an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients included in the formula. This would be an extremely uncommon occurrence, which a person would have to investigate with their physician if there were any concerns ahead of time. The ingredients in the product are all clearly and explicitly labeled so as to avoid any confusion. Even the proprietary blend of frequently-used herbal extracts is described in detail. Studies explaining the clinical effects of taking these herbal products are available.

Complaint #3: “The company did not cancel my subscription in a timely fashion.”

The Neuropathy Treatment Group maintains a professional and courteous administrative staff, and is proud of the quality of service which they routinely provide to their customers. Their staff are thoroughly educated on the product itself, and are able to answer a wide range of questions about it, as well as being able to connect interested persons with more information.

On occasion, there is an error or a miscommunication, the responsibility for which may fall on either the customer or NTG. This sometimes involves the canceling of a subscription to Neuropathy Support Formula. Cancellation requests are not always processed before the next order is sent out. This is an extremely rare occurrence, which the NTG is taking steps to prevent in the future.

Response: The company’s staff are available for customer assistance, and can assist with rectifying errors. The return of unused supplement will facilitate a full refund for the amount returned. It is important to have the unused portion of the order returned, so that the Neuropathy Treatment Group may ascertain whether or not there were any problems within the product itself.  On the rare occasion that such an issue has been reported to the Better Business Bureau, the NTG has been quick to issue a full refund.

Not every such report was preceded by any notification that there was a problem. To date, more than 90% of all reported customer testimony has been of a positive nature.

Complaint #4: “The company did not promptly refund some or all of my money.”

As with the previous complaint, there are sometimes communication problems. This can result from mishandled product returns, confusion over currency exchanges, or other issues. When notified that there is a problem with a customer’s refund, however, the company is always quick to act.

Response: The Neuropathy Treatment Group proudly maintains a one-year money-back guarantee, and honors that guarantee—no questions asked—provided any unused product is returned. This is important for a variety of reasons; it is important to analyze the quality of a product that did not live up to its customer’s expectations.

It is not also not unknown for individuals to attempt to return the free two-week trial medication and request a full refund. Returned product includes the cost of shipping and handling, but does not include the cost of half a month’s supply when the product was initially provided at no charge.

Final Conclusion: Is It Recommended?

Despite these complaints, we still recommend Nerve Renew for people with peripheral neuropathy or nerve damage. Yes, there have been some complaints, but the company has been around for many years and reached thousands of people, so it is inevitable at some point they would encounter a few unhappy customers.

Overall, the ingredients in their formula are high quality, and their online reputation is healthy. For these reasons, we give the product our highest recommendation.