The All-Natural Ingredients In Nerve Renew For Neuropathy Pain Relief

All-natural pain relief is growing in popularity, with the increasingly evident inability of purely synthetic medicine to provide pain management on its own. Nerve pain, in particular, has proven to be extremely resilient to over-the-counter pain medications, with targeted prescription pain relief often failing to provide significant benefits.

The evident solution is to work on managing pain by supporting the nervous system, reducing false signals and physical damage to the peripheral nerves by ensuring a ready supply of vitamins and supplements to promote nerve maintenance and growth.

The ingredients in Nerve Renew help with proper nerve function.

Main Active Ingredients

Nerve Renew provides a large daily boost of a series of vital nutrients, which the body uses to support and maintain the nervous system. These nutrients are provided in a form which the body absorbs readily. Each of them works to support the functions of the others, while simultaneously filling its own specialized role.

Vitamin B1: Benfotiamine

Vitamin B1 is naturally found in high quantities in fish, lean meats, and seeds, with a generous portion being made available in fortified cereal grains. B1 improves nervous system and liver health, and is particularly important for eyesight.

Vitamin B2: Riboflavin

Vitamin B2 is naturally found in high quantities in cheese, beef, eggs, and oily fish. It is one of the most common vitamin deficiencies in western adults, with up to 80% of American adults being deficient in B2 to some extent. B2 fills a variety of roles at the cellular level, including a contribution to the building of myelin sheathes—the material that shields nerves from damage by free radicals.

Vitamin B6: Pyridoxine

Vitamin B6 is found primarily in seeds, nuts (notably almonds) and certain legumes, with high concentrations also being available in tuna and pork. In addition to fighting free radicals, B6 is an important part of the manufacturing process for the chemicals which allow nerve cells to transmit signals to and from the brain.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid

ALA is manufactured by the human body, and is used to help produce the energy which our cells require to carry out their other functions. It is an important part of the support structure for the body’s immune system, and it is a powerful antioxidant, which also boosts the abilities of other antioxidants by regenerating them once they’ve been spent.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a common vitamin deficiency in modern adults. It is naturally present in milk (which is often fortified with additional vitamin D), oily fish, and mushrooms, with many common breakfast cereals being fortified. Exposure to natural sunlight helps the human body convert it into forms which are more readily accessible, at which point it is used for bone health and muscle growth, and as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Herbal Proprietary Blend

Plant extracts, essential oils, and other herbal products have been used by traditional medicine for thousands of years. Many western drugs used plant-based products as a base material. They can have powerful healing effects, and often manifest positive effects on more than one aspect of human health at a time.

Oatstraw Extract

Oats have been cultivated by much of the known world since Roman times, when they were primarily used as horse feed. Today, they are an increasingly popular food product, thanks to their overall healthy properties. Oatstraw extract includes nutrients that help to support a healthy nervous system, and are good for the heart.

Skullcap Extract (American Skullcap)

Skullcap is a member of the mint family. Like many plants with a lifespan of more than two years, it has developed substances with powerful properties to help combat insects and other pests. Humans use these substances as flavoring agents, but they also have powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties.

Passionflower Extract

The oils extracted from various parts of the passionflower plant, a uniquely colorful flower native to South America, have potent uses as an antianxiety agent. They help to provide a sense of “focused calmness” that reduces scattered, frantic thoughts, without affecting motivation or concentration adversely. This has been proven to provide a natural assist to the body’s methods of pain management.

Feverfew Extract

This is one of the most potent natural herbal remedies commonly in use today. Fresh feverfew leaves can actually cause blistering to some of the body’s sensitive tissues. When dried, and powdered, and administered in the proper dosage, feverfew helps to alleviate digestive discomfort and reduce internal inflammation. It has been clinically demonstrated to reduce blood pressure.

The Natural Cure that Works

The multidirectional approach of Nerve Renew to pain management includes pain-killing agents, nervous system health support, and mental relaxation. Although some wonder if Nerve Renew is a scam, it combines the best in modern nutritional understanding with traditional, tried-and-true herbal remedies to create a safe, powerful, and effective supplement. Try your free two-week trial today, and start experiencing a sense of relief you didn’t know was possible.

Customer Reviews for Nerve Renew: Here’s What They Have To Say

Amidst much ongoing uncertainty in the face of a product that is seemingly capable of doing what modern medicine frequently cannot, there are many reviews available online for Nerve Renew. What sets this testimony apart from many other forms of online customer reviews is a combination of factors.

First, quantity: there are hundreds, if not thousands of glowing reviews available regarding the beneficial effects of this clinically proven supplement. This is further bolstered by authenticity: hundreds of individual reviews are available online with the full names and locations of the people who left them.

The following individuals expressly consented to share their information publicly, in the interests of spreading awareness for a product which has profoundly changed their lives, or else the lives of their loved ones.

Maureen Puddle in North Canterbury, New Zealand

“My mother’s quality of life has been restored!”

A satisfied customer of Nerve Renew provides her reviews.

The Neuropathy Support Formula has helped sufferers of chronic nerve pain all over the world, as shown by Maureen in New Zealand. Maureen’s 92-year-old mother suffered from constant, burning nerve pain after years of diabetic neuropathy.

Between the pain, and the side effects of her medication, she was unable to find relief. After Maureen ordered the product for her mother, there was relief in less than two weeks.

Today, Maureen’s mother—despite the advanced stage of her diabetes—has experienced significant relief, and is happier than she has been in years. She is once again able to sleep, and to have regular conversations with her family over the phone. Her recovery is so remarkable, in fact, that her doctor has also expressed interest in learning more about Nerve Renew.

Rita Deren in Santa Rosa, California

“Your product has brought me closer to normal.”

Although it is unusual, it is not unheard-of for a person to develop peripheral neuropathy as a side-effect of some other medication. For Rita Deren, that drug was Remicade, which she took in the form of a chemotherapy infusion to help treat her psoriatic arthritis. After a series of infections in her hands, Rita was unable to continue with her medical regimen, which led to three years of suffering and chronic pain.

Since discovering NR, Rita has returned to “almost normal” within her first few months. Her chronic pain is almost entirely gone, and her immune system function has recovered substantially from the blow delivered by her medication.

Margo Ray (Mrs. John Ray) in Estill Springs, Tennessee

“I thank God, and the Neuropathy Treatment Group, for saving my dear husband.”

Margo is the daughter of a physician, with more than four decades’ worth of her own experience in the medical field. She is also the wife of a man who survived two separate bouts with cancer, without so much as taking a temporary leave of absence from his job. John Ray is a stoic and private man, who doesn’t put a lot of stock in complaining.

John Ray’s neuropathy was nonetheless able to gradually erode at his quality of life. The constant pain grew progressively worse, and—to Margo’s trained eye—all of the doctors and specialists whom John went to see seemed relatively unconcerned. According to Margo, they didn’t seem to understand the extent to which John’s neuropathy was hindering his ability to function.

After one particularly difficult night, in which John was unable to sleep—he sought relief by walking barefoot on the cold floor of their basement—Margo had had enough. She started researching alternative treatments online, and kept coming across ads and information about the supplement. She saw the negative reviews, but on reviewing the product herself, it made sense to her from a medical perspective. As Margo puts it, “It's is not some off-the-wall treatment.”

When Margo wrote her review, her husband had been on a regular regimen for a little more than three weeks. He was, for the first time in years, virtually free of symptoms, a result which John had not experienced from any of the previous therapies he had taken.

Samson Hernandez in Pearce, Arizona

“No side-effects—except sounder sleep, and calmer nerves.”

Like many other patients who present with chronic nerve pain, Samson Hernandez was told by several medical professionals that he would simply have to live with his condition. Having suffered with severe nerve scarring in his back since the age of 13, the now 53-year-old Samson was tired of it. Despite that, he was still wary of the formula, having been taken by a wide range of natural herbal remedies in the past. His first reaction was decidedly negative, but the free trial coaxed him into giving it a try anyway.

After two weeks on the formula, Samson reported that his pain has virtually disappeared. Years’ worth of anti-depressants and pain-killing narcotics failed to achieve this result over a much longer time period. Samson is now a regular subscriber, who continues to order the product.


Neuropathy Support Formula is not a typical medical drug. It uses all-natural ingredients, combining simple, frequently-deficient vitamins and nutrients with organic herbal supplements. The ingredients are carefully chosen for their specific area of effect, but this formula is not intended to take the place of modern medical procedure or expertise.

Consult with your doctor before starting any herbal supplement—then, by all means, give it a try. With a free two-week trial, and a subsequent one-year money-back guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose but your pain.

Why Do People Complain About Nerve Renew?

When a product is introduced which promises to alleviate the symptoms of a painful condition, there is often reluctance to accept that it can make good on its claims. This is further exacerbated when the product includes assertions like “all-natural” and “organic.”

Many people look for this sort of description when purchasing a supplement, but many others have been fooled by the common ideology that anything “all-natural” is charlatanism—fake, phony, or otherwise illegitimate.

This is flatly untrue—many modern medicines are derived from plant products—but the idea does cause people to look a little more critically than they otherwise might at the product’s effectiveness, as well as at the policies of its producer.

Complaint #1: “It did not relieve my symptoms.”

Some customers have reported that the supplement did not relieve the pain, numbness, or other discomforts which are frequently associated with peripheral neuropathy.

Response: The product is designed to treat nerve pain by providing support to the nervous system, and to related systems of the body. It is also intended to help with focus, calmness, and mental clarity, each of which has been clinically demonstrated to physiologically benefit the body’s built-in methods for pain management. It does not work miracles, however: if the cause of nerve pain is too pervasive, or is based on other factors, Neuropathy Support Formula may have reduced to little effect. This is not common, but there are individuals who experience no benefit from Nerve Renew.

Given the hundreds of reviews of Nerve Renew received from individuals who did benefit from it, the minority who have not benefited do not serve to invalidate the product. It is understandable that people would be frustrated, of course: many individuals try it after a more typical medicinal approach has failed them. That, in itself, shows that there is no such thing as a magical solution, which works for everybody 100% of the time.

Complaint #2: “It made my pain worse.”

A few individuals have stated that their pain and other symptoms of diabetic neuropathy became worse after they tried Nerve Renew.

Response: Nerve Renew is formulated from ingredients which have been proven through clinical trial to assist with the growth, protection, regeneration, and maintenance of the nervous system. The list of active ingredients, in particular, consists of vitamins which are actually essential for our vital processes: without them, life could not exist, and they are specifically involved in strengthening the nervous system.

It is possible that some individuals might have an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients included in the formula. This would be an extremely uncommon occurrence, which a person would have to investigate with their physician if there were any concerns ahead of time. The ingredients in the product are all clearly and explicitly labeled so as to avoid any confusion. Even the proprietary blend of frequently-used herbal extracts is described in detail. Studies explaining the clinical effects of taking these herbal products are available.

Complaint #3: “The company did not cancel my subscription in a timely fashion.”

The Neuropathy Treatment Group maintains a professional and courteous administrative staff, and is proud of the quality of service which they routinely provide to their customers. Their staff are thoroughly educated on the product itself, and are able to answer a wide range of questions about it, as well as being able to connect interested persons with more information.

On occasion, there is an error or a miscommunication, the responsibility for which may fall on either the customer or NTG. This sometimes involves the canceling of a subscription to Neuropathy Support Formula. Cancellation requests are not always processed before the next order is sent out. This is an extremely rare occurrence, which the NTG is taking steps to prevent in the future.

Response: The company’s staff are available for customer assistance, and can assist with rectifying errors. The return of unused supplement will facilitate a full refund for the amount returned. It is important to have the unused portion of the order returned, so that the Neuropathy Treatment Group may ascertain whether or not there were any problems within the product itself.  On the rare occasion that such an issue has been reported to the Better Business Bureau, the NTG has been quick to issue a full refund.

Not every such report was preceded by any notification that there was a problem. To date, more than 90% of all reported customer testimony has been of a positive nature.

Complaint #4: “The company did not promptly refund some or all of my money.”

As with the previous complaint, there are sometimes communication problems. This can result from mishandled product returns, confusion over currency exchanges, or other issues. When notified that there is a problem with a customer’s refund, however, the company is always quick to act.

Response: The Neuropathy Treatment Group proudly maintains a one-year money-back guarantee, and honors that guarantee—no questions asked—provided any unused product is returned. This is important for a variety of reasons; it is important to analyze the quality of a product that did not live up to its customer’s expectations.

It is not also not unknown for individuals to attempt to return the free two-week trial medication and request a full refund. Returned product includes the cost of shipping and handling, but does not include the cost of half a month’s supply when the product was initially provided at no charge.

Final Conclusion: Is It Recommended?

Despite these complaints, we still recommend Nerve Renew for people with peripheral neuropathy or nerve damage. Yes, there have been some complaints, but the company has been around for many years and reached thousands of people, so it is inevitable at some point they would encounter a few unhappy customers.

Overall, the ingredients in their formula are high quality, and their online reputation is healthy. For these reasons, we give it our highest recommendation.

Is Nerve Renew A Scam? Here’s Why It Is the Real Deal

In 2010, Wes Jones—himself a sufferer of diabetic neuropathy, and an already-successful entrepreneur—founded the company which is now known as the Neuropathy Treatment Group. This information is publicly available, through the NTG’s website and its Better Business Bureau profile.

Membership with the Better Business Bureau dates to the summer of 2011, and has been maintained at an A- level since that time. Contact information for the NTG, including a phone number and an address, is prominently displayed. Customers who have questions or complaints about Nerve Renew can call the NTG, and receive phone support from a courteous, professional, and informative staff.

The NTG is Not a Fly-By-Night Company

Some wonder if Nerve Renew is a scam, but this image shows it works.The Neuropathy Treatment Group, or NTG, has undergone a product rebranding one time during the course of its existence. The change was undertaken, not to present the appearance of a new company, but to improve its recognition. Previously, brand names were generic, and were difficult to market.

They failed to reach a large enough audience to keep the company profitable long-term, or to make a serious difference in the increasing frequency of untreated neuropathy in today’s world.

The rebranding was successful, and it achieved its intended goal. Rather than reducing the attention placed on the company, it increased it. This kind of marketing maneuver is common among new and growing companies, as they adapted to better suit the needs of their target audience.

Today, the supplement is provided to customers around the world, and in all fifty states. The company is working on making their product still more widely available, through working out arrangements with distributors in additional countries.

Neuropathy Support Formula Is A Product That Works

The supplement combines a wide variety of ingredients, with one thing in common: they work to bolster the nervous system. They are particularly effective in individuals who are experiencing one of a number of common conditions which can cause nervous system damage, as opposed to simply fighting nutritional deficiency.

Some of the ingredients, particularly the active ingredients, work primarily by providing support directly to the nervous system itself. Other ingredients provide general support to other systems within the body, such as the immune and venous systems. This helps to get vital nutrients to where they need to go.

Nerve Renew Neuropathy Support Formula combats tissue-damaging free radicals, reduces swelling, and promotes a calm and less scattered frame of mind. Its clinically demonstrated antianxiety and mild sedative qualities have in turn been repeatedly upheld as being beneficial to the body’s ability to manage physical pain signals, reducing misfires and false firing due to nerve damage.

It's is a product that works—not all the time, not for everybody, but it works. It maintains a high rate of success in reducing or eliminating a wide range of neuropathy symptoms, including pain and numbness. A great deal of development went into the development and refining of its formula, which combines traditional, homeopathic, and modern medicine to optimal effect.

The supplement treats nerve pain management with a three-pronged approach: it supports the nervous system directly, it supports other systems to give it an indirect boost, and it supports pain management within the brain.

Excellent Customer Service from a Professionally-Managed Organization

The product is backed by more than Better Business Bureau accreditation, a free two-week trial, or a 365-day money-back guarantee—not that they don’t help!

It is also supported by an expertly trained and experienced staff of administrative professionals. Employees of the Neuropathy Treatment Group respond to print mail, email, and phone calls. They are active on social media: the NTG’s Facebook profile has more than eighty thousand followers.

The company maintains long office hours: their Boise, Idaho headquarters takes calls from 7 AM to 6 PM Mountain Standard, Monday through Saturday. Emails will also be answered during this period, with the NDT priding itself on replying to emails as quickly as possible.

The Neuropathy Treatment Group’s public pledge to its customers is that they will “read every comment, and answer every question,” in their efforts to address any existing concerns. To date, more than 170,000 grateful customers have left nearly 160 pages of positive testimony, some of which address the courteousness and professionalism of the company’s staff.

Start Your Free Trial

If you or someone you love suffers from chronic nerve pain, you’ve literally got nothing to lose. Take advantage of the Neuropathy Treatment Group’s free trial today, and say goodbye to numbness, nerve pain, and those endless sleepless nights.