About Our Site

Nerve Pain Treatment is a website that is dedicated to helping people discover effective natural remedies to reduce and hopefully even eliminate nerve pain associated with neuropathy. The term "neuropathy" is a blanket term that describes problems people can have with their nerves.

In almost all cases, it refers to the peripheral nervous and not to the central nervous system. The latter is the spinal cord and the brain. Neuropathy can be caused by a variety of different things, with diabetes being one of the most common. That said, neuropathy can also be idiopathic, which means that no cause can be identified.

My Personal Backstory

I consider myself to be a healthy, active individual. However, a few years ago, I was playing golf and noticed a tingling sensation in my feet. It felt as though some of the sand from the bunker had gotten into my shoes, but there was none. The sensation wasn't painful and there didn't seem to be any negative effect on my movement, so I decided to ignore it.

Some time after that, however, I suddenly started to feel tingling every once in a while again. It always went away and didn't cause me any discomfort and neither did it stopped me from doing things. Hence, I continued to ignore it, never even mentioning it to anyone.

However, two years ago, my body seemed to suddenly stopped working. No longer did I experience tingling and a bit of numbness in my feet, it was literally everywhere. It still didn't hurt, but it frightened the life out of me and gave me the wake up call I clearly needed.

Naturally, like most people nowadays, I Googled my symptoms first and quickly diagnosed myself with peripheral neuropathy. It seemed to completely describe the symptoms I was experiencing.

Why was this happening?

I found out that it is commonly caused by issues such as toxin exposure, metabolic problems, infections, and traumatic injuries, but most often by diabetes. Since many people in my family are diabetic, I instantly diagnosed myself with that as well and promptly (finally!) made an appointment with the doctor.

The doctor, after warning me to never self-diagnose using Google, did agree that something strange was going on. Extensive tests showed that I did not have diabetes. I was also very healthy and very active, so there was nothing to worry about.

But meanwhile, the tingling and numb sensations were getting worse and, by now, painful as well. In fact, it would often feel as if I was burning, leading me to put ice packs on affected areas.

My doctor had ordered a nerve condition test and told me to take some supplements. The results of the test were clear: I had idiopathic nerve damage. Perhaps it was caused by playing sports as a child, perhaps it was caused by exposure to some toxins.

Whatever caused it, I was now stuck with it. It had dominated my life for quite some time already, first during the months of tingling that I ignored and then through the various tests and discussions with medical professionals.

My doctor diagnosed me with neuropathy

Following my diagnosis, I was prescribed medication to help with the neuropathy. I tried gabapentin first, which worked for a little while before leaving me incredibly dizzy. Then I moved on to pregabalin.

Then came the side effects...

Again, it worked for a while before I started to suffer from side effects, including drowsiness. I did also try topical treatment and, as always, it worked for a while before my body seemed to develop a tolerance and the side effects started. At this point, I did feel as if there was no light at the end of the tunnel.

Every time I would experience a modicum of relief, it would only be so long before it stopped again. And the price I had to pay for that relief was terrible. I ended up taking multiple medications a day. I took gabepentin with Antivert to stop the dizziness, which caused terrible headaches.

Once my doctor considered prescribing me Oxycodin to combat the headaches, I felt I had to switch medication, but pregabalin was no different.

My physician prescribed me modafinil for the drowsiness, leading to nervousness and anxiety, which was already bad because of the neuropathy.

The physician prescribed me antidepressants as a result of that, which consequently led me to feeling sick during most of the day. It truly felt like I couldn't win.

I felt it was time to do something else. I couldn't keep up with the increasing amounts of different types of medications, which were expensive and only had limited effectiveness as well.

I wanted something that would help me, but that wouldn't lead me to having to take even more medication to combat the harmful effects of the first one.

What I wanted was something natural that worked. So I went on a mission to find them, and I believe I did. Currently, I take Nerve Renew and the difference it has made has been tremendous.

Our Mission

At Nerve Pain Treatment, our mission is simple but powerful: we want to provide people with education of natural remedies and natural treatments. We want people to be able to do what I did, which is to find a natural solution to their problems and actually find real relief.

At present, I have uncovered six natural treatments that I have found to actually work. These are:

  1. Fish oil
  2. Alpha lipoic acid
  3. B Vitamins
  4. Changing your diet
  5. Getting some exercise
  6. Essential oils
  7. Neuropathy supplements

Interestingly, as you will come to learn, these seven natural treatments are backed with scientific research. So, while I have tried them myself, successfully, this isn't a placebo effect.

Rather, it has been tested and demonstrated to in fact make a difference. For me, personally using them all together has the greatest effect, but everything helps and I hope that you find the same level of relief as I have. My life is no longer dominated by neuropathy, and yours doesn't have to either.